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The Creature Behind the Lilo Life Mission

Stacey is your very own one-stop-shop jill-of-all-trades. She knows ‘enough to be dangerous’ in a variety of disciplines with over 14 years of experience in the business building world. Everything she produces is done with a mix of tender loving care and sass. While she’s an effective self starter and doer on her own, she’s a big believer in growing things together. A mix of diligence, giving 110%, taking calculated risk, and being flexible is important to her. She tends to geek out about organizing, simplifying processes, and financial literacy. Stacey’s eye for design has also been prevalent since birth. She loves social enterprises, healthy challenges, and has a weakness for patacones.

I once read “We are naturally wired for generosity, but we’re educated for greed.” I couldn’t agree more. I am constantly asking questions and challenging my own approach to life and business as I am on a quest to embed generosity into the equation of measuring “success.”

Stacey Mae Smith, Founder

Consulting and services

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Operations + Organization

Stacey is obsessed with simplicity. Probably because she is quite complex herself and must practice it in her own life. She implements principles from Kaizen philosophy to minimalism for personal consulting and professionals or organizations seeking to lean out their operations.

Digital Media

Stacey is a creator by nature. She builds everything from brand books, online course launch plans, and witty email newsletters to building automations that deliver curated content across multiple social channels that consider engaging cohesive messaging for your target audience. 


Business Strategy

If you’ve got a business and you struggle with next steps- she’s your gal. Forward-thinker and problem solver: the combo is magic. She’s extremely detailed like an engineer and yet a highly creative visionary who can see the entire plan and the steps to get there. As she says it, “Decisions are progress.”

Doer philosophy


Sometimes people say I work too much and should enjoy the weekend (…as I write this on a Saturday). Others may follow my “travel adventures” and question whether I work at all. Let me reassure you: you can DO while being remote or traveling. COVID-19 validated my case that I’ve longed to get social acceptance for. When I am on the move- often times- my productivity, creativity, and focus improves. Autonomy is important to me. Work hard, create things from a place of passion, have a good attitude, be kind to others, share knowledge, and start DOing.   

If interested in discussing services, book a free 30-minute Discovery Call, and let’s rock ‘n roll.

Stacey’s breadth of experience informs her strategic approach

She’s a teacher of “enough to be dangerous”


Leverage technology to reach more customers, save time, and save our environment

Efficiency Geek

Future-proofing your process will help you breath. P.S. – It also amps up your client experience and eliminates waste, literally

Accountability Partner

We all need it. I’ll be real with you because you deserve to grow and pay it forward

Designer + Digital Strategist

Show up consistent and clear with a brand that screams “legit.” Digital presence is crucial and so is its strategy

Financial Literacy Lover

From budgets that breakthrough debt to establishing your chart of accounts in your business… I gotchu


How can we be present with so much stuff to think about? A decluttered space yields a decluttered mind. 

“Where do I begin. You’ve transformed my business in every “department.” This is the first time EVER in my life that I’ve had two months back up of savings in my entire career. If COVID came a year ago – I would be filing bankruptcy. You have taught me how to manage my own books (and ONLINE for that matter), which I was scared to death of. I am not a techie and yet here I am doing things I never could imagine myself doing a year ago with my computer. It’s saving me so much time. I’ve also been operating my nail salon for over 20 years and have never established a logo. In ONE DAY you produced a logo, Brandbook, business card, and appointment card for me and helped me order them on the spot. I LOVE them.”

Jaime Ciotti

Certified Nail Technician, Nails By Jaime

“Stacey is a warm soul with an ambitious and driven spirit. She takes a structured approach with an eye for aesthetics and is able to get something off the ground in the short-term to prove success. It’s been great working with Stacey and discussing projects as well as learning from her and the workshops/events at thINC.”

Rick Gloo

Principal Investigator & Senior Security Engineer, AIS

“In just three months of working with Stacey one on one and through a group facilitated Refinery program I was able to launch my first nutrition coaching business and take 13 new clients while also running a group coaching program of 20! She is very knowledgable on social media marketing strategies and helped me narrow down my online marketing niche with ease. She is fun to work with and helped me create a vision for by business and develop pricing and packages to offer my clients. I highly recommend Stacey for anyone that is serious about growing their business.”

Alex Nicolette

Founder, Bloom Nutrition Solutions

“The success of the Rural Law Initiative is largely due to your support and collaboration. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. It’s been an honor to work with you, and to learn from your example of hard work, creative professionalism, and your eclectic super powers.”

Taier Perlman

Lawyer, Rural Law Initiative


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