Meli Wraps, Wardrobe COVID Masks, and Vulnerability

Who knew masks would become a part of our wardrobes? 😳   I got this darling little "COVID Mask," as I'll call it, in the mail yesterday. I think it compliments my quarantine hair quite well. Don't you think? 💁‍♀️   Let's talk about how it ended up on my...

Stacey Mae of Lilo Life

My name is Stacey Mae Smith. I am striving to live the Lilo Life and I'm sharing what that means and how to do it. (Now I feel obligated to say how in one sentence, crap. Doesn't work that way.) Grew up in Upstate NY But I consider my self a global citizen. Typical...

Founder Throwback: Question Where You Are.

Ever get one of these throwback pop-ups on your Facebook news feed? Can't believe how fast time goes by... It prompted me to think deep on this glorious Sunday. Here are my deep-in-thought prompts that sprung out of this throwback... Always question where you are and...

You Need a Hydration Goal

How's that hydration goal going? Haven't started yet? Let's put things in perspective, commit, and maintain progress! It's a simple, inexpensive, and super effective way to make a BIG positive impact on your life.   So, where do we start? We need to drink half...

10 Reasons Hydration Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Accomplishing this habit for 2016 can cause a ripple effect of positive changes! Water is an essential to life (not just for humans either). Your brain contains 85% water, blood contains 80%, and muscle contains 70% water. Your body is made up of 60-80% water… and so...

My name is Stacey Mae and I’m the owner of Lilo Life. 

Lilo means “generous one” in Hawaiian. My personal and professional life is driven by livin’ it “Lilo-style.” Feel free to float around to see where living a Lilo Life has taken me.

Word on the street says…

The success of the Rural Law Initiative is largely due to your support and collaboration. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. It’s been an honor to work with you, and to learn from your example of hard work, creative professionalism, and your eclectic super powers.



In just three months of working with Stacey at Thinc. one on one and through a group facilitated Refinery program I was able to launch my first nutrition coaching business and take 13 new clients while also running a group coaching program of 20! She is very knowledgeable on social media marketing strategies and helped me narrow down my online marketing niche with ease. She was fun to work with and was able to help me create a vision for by business and develop pricing and packages to offer my clients. I highly recommend Stacey for anyone that is serious about growing their business.


thINCubator Client

Thank you so much for making the time to sit with me on Tuesday. Our session gave me the confidence and determination to push through my limitations. I took your advice and was able to get a great start on Mailchimp.


thINCubator Client

Stacey has been an incredible mentor during the process of developing my business plan. Whether working one-on-one or in a group setting, her insight is helpful, professional, and inspired—especially in helping me to define a 10-star experience and customer discovery. When I wasn’t sure where to go next or was having a hard time getting started on something, she knew how to dig right into it and refocus me. Every session left me with renewed energy.


thINCubator Client

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