Co-Living Lilo House

Lilo Life presents the Lilo House. A house that endorses the Lilo lifestyle. The Lilo House has 4 private rooms available.

The home itself is a beautiful “Four-Square” single-family home built in 1930. It’s got a lot of its original charm and detail including the bow-tie tile in the bathroom with a marble threshold, the fireplace mantel, a charming built-in dining room cabinet, a classic butler swinging door between the kitchen and dining room, and original glass doors. Why the details? If you appreciate architecture and history, we are heading in the right direction. The owners’ favorite feature of the home is that it has lots of light. Every room is filled with brightness during daylight hours. The vibe embraces unconventional living (perfect for remote workers/ travelers/ fellow entrepreneurs/ Doers/ international students/ interim professors/ global citizens). Purpose: Inspired by thINCubator’s co-working space, the founders’ goal is to continue to connect and grow the community of young professionals in the Greater Utica area of beautiful Upstate NY. Read more about Lilo Life’s belief system here.

The Perks!

Close to Colleges:

Utica College 1.4 miles via the parkway (4-minute drive, 9 minutes biking)

MVCC 2.4 miles via the parkway (5-minute drive, 9 minutes biking)

Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute 1.2 miles (5-minute drive, 8 minutes biking)

SUNY Poly 6 miles via route 12 (13-minute drive)

Close to Nature:

500 feet from the Parkway Center (tennis courts, playground, ski chalet, Utica Roadrunners Development Run start line) and near Roscoe Conkling Park. 

1 hour away from Old Forge with hiking, camping, kayaking, and more.

1 hour from Nine Corner Lake, the Founders’ favorite place for bouldering.

Private + Convenient:

Private peaceful neighborhood while also being less than 1 mile away from entertainment, food, grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, and gas stations! 

To name a few… Cafe Domenico, Slice Pizzeria, Green Onion Pub, UTCA, Subway, Arby’s, McDonald’s, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Bagel Grove, Price Chopper, Save-A-Lot, Asian Market, Fastrac, etc.)

“If you’re craving social interaction yet you also desire your own private space, the Lilo House is for you”

What is Co-Living?

Here are some definitions:

Co-living defines it as “1.) Shared housing designed to support a purpose-driven life. and 2.) A modern, urban lifestyle that values openness, sharing, and collaboration.” Synonyms: intentional living, intentional community, co-housing, modern nomad.”

As Open Door define it, “coliving is a modern form of housing where residents share living space and a set of interests, values, and/or intentions.  It’s a new take on an old idea, imagined by a millennial generation that values things like openness and collaboration, social networking, and the sharing economy.”

Co-Liv Lab defines a co-living space as “any shared living space that improves quality-of-life for its residents.” The communal nature of this housing arrangement involves pooling resources and living in close proximity, and that inherently unlocks a wide variety of benefits for its residents, including comfort, affordability and a greater sense of social belonging.

Lilo Co-Living

The Lilo House is a smaller co-living space with up to 4 couples or 4 people sharing a single-family home. The Lilo House defines co-living as a shared house that supports the Lilo lifestyle.

From the Founder herself:

“If you’re looking for an environment that’s conducive to personal growth, my home is for you. If you like clean spaces with 80% peace and quiet: 20% social time (game night/ co-living/ cooking)- we’ll make great roommates. Great environment for professionals, focused students, international students, interim professors, motivated entrepreneurs, and remote workers.

Personally, I work a lot, travel a lot, and I strive for clean eating and making time for exercise. If you desire a drama-free, mutually clean space in a peaceful area that’s conveniently located (less than 3 miles to Utica College, MVCC, Downtown Utica and a street over from the beautiful parkway park) in a historical well-lit home, contact me via the Interest Form below!”

What’s Included?

Water, Electric, Heat, A/C

Wireless Internet

Laundry Access

Communal Spaces


Board Games


Co-cleaning schedule

thINCubator part time co-working package

Monthly Activities (Ex. Game Night)

Garbage pick-up

Bike storage


Starting at $800/ month

House is currently occupied. Inquire below for getting notified when there is occupancy.


10 + 4 =