How’s that hydration goal going? Haven’t started yet? Let’s put things in perspective, commit, and maintain progress! It’s a simple, inexpensive, and super effective way to make a BIG positive impact on your life.


So, where do we start?

We need to drink half our body weight in ounces of water every day to provide the body with its minimum water replacement requirements. Triple the intake for better results.

Example: A 150-pound person should drink, at minimum, 75 ounces per day. For better results with an active lifestyle, try to double or triple this amount. I carry a reusable water bottle with me that holds 26 ounces. My goal is to drink, at minimum, 4 bottles a day (104 oz.) and I strive for 6-8 bottles depending on activity. How do we fit in drinking time!? Chug water when you wake up, drink at each meal, drink between meals, and before/ after exercise. Bathroom breaks may increase, BUT it’s 100% worth the sacrifice to reap the benefits. Plus your body will adapt as it gets used to hydration and this can often times cut down the bathroom break trips.


How do we make it a S.M.A.R.T goal?

First off, we need to define a S.M.A.R.T goal: It is a goal that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. What does this sound like?

“I am drinking 2 refills of my water bottle (26oz) everyday for 1 week and increasing by adding 1 refill for every following week until I am consuming 6 refills of my water bottle daily.” Note the “I am” as opposed to “I will.” Make it happen. 😉


How can we tell we are staying hydrated?

When you’re getting enough fluids, urine flows freely, is light in color and free of odor. You may find a difference in your energy and focus as well. Don’t be alarmed if you become more productive and alert!

When your body is not getting enough fluids, urine can have a high concentration, dark color, and odor. Other ways to indicate dehydration can be dry mouth, feeling lethargic, headaches, muscle fatigue and dry, cool skin.


Now, let’s ask an honest question: Do you feel like you drink enough water?

Regardless of yes or no, you can feel it. I’d like you to feel the benefits of answering yes! 😀


I hope I’ve been able to shine some light on how valuable hydration is and why staying hydrated should be your New Year’s Resolution that stays with you for years to come. My goal as the founder of Lilo is to inspire you to be the best version of yourself and I think H2O will help you optimize your best self for 2016!

To Your Health & Happiness Always,


Stacey M. Smith

Founder, Lilo Hydration