…the portfolio to show the street cred.

My name is Stacey Mae Smith. I am ignited with passion when it comes to supporting social businesses who have a mission beyond the bottom line and local businesses who have the fiestiness to start something fueled by passion.

I can teach you “enough to be dangerous” in a multitude of areas to make things happen for your business or project. I have over 6 years of experience with working on my own startup, for a startup, and assisting startups. In fact, I have assisted over 200 entrepreneurs and have loved every minute of it through MVCC’s thINCubator as an original thought leader, volunteer, and eventually contracted to do what I do best: Build, design, problem solve and assist people with passion. This includes everything from creating kick-ass engaging events, workshops and programs on a shoestring budget, developing systems to track and analyze metrics, revenue, client progress, etc., and assisting entrepreneurs with every aspect of their business from setting up their chart of accounts to developing an ad campaign and designing their brandbook. Exploring thINCubator’s digital presence is like exploring a portfolio piece in itself- go check it out!¬†


Go ahead! Explore the page. I created this within 1 day for a Fiverr application in 2018. Watch the video for it below. ūü§ď

“Decisions are progress.” – Stacey Mae


Below are some bundles of content built for promoting various workshops, programs, and promotional campaigns.

Everything from the idea of how to promote it, the copy that was written in each piece, to the design itself was done by yours truly. Many of these bundles were designed in Canva for the sake of time for my “day job” as the Co-Director at MVCC’s thINCubator and some were marketed organically, while others were administered as paid ads. So, while I’m not a “designer” full time, I know the importance of design and clearly communicating your story or message.


Here are some business cards I’ve whipped up for awesome people who deserve to have their businesses seen.

This was for a wonderful Homestay host family that I met in Cuba along my travels. We had trouble finding their home because the internet is restricted in Cuba and anything with a map was out of date. You can see the before was a one-sided card. I designed a new card, in both English & Spanish, with two sides and a map with recognizable landmarks for taxi drivers to navigate from.

This was for “The Local Tico” out of Costa Rica. I met him along my travels and we’ve been attached at the hip since (He is my boyfriend and we are thousands of miles away from each other, so I suppose that was a poor use of an idiom). He has his own side hustle(s) but has limited resources. You’ll see a menu and brochure designed below. I’ve assisted him with leveraging Facebook and Instagram for his business and he’s now killin’ it¬†with video.


Did I mention I’m not a videographer either? But give me an iphone, a go pro, or a DSLR. I’ll capture a compelling story. Whether it’s in front of the camera or behind it, I’ve helped build video content for the thINCubator¬†and other projects seeking exposure. The content for the thINCubator has been instrumental in growing a community of creative individuals in the Mohawk Valley.



Here’s a pitch video for Fiver that was built with a 2-day deadline. Inspiration came from Fiver’s hiring video. Check it out and compare ūüėȬ†

This video was produced on a whim to showcase an app launch with a computer camera, an iphone, and 30 minutes.

Promo push for our MESH networking event. Tools: DSLR & Final Cut Pro.

Here’s a video to promote a local program called YouthBuild. Tools: DSLR, 2¬†iPhones, a tripod, and a LAV microphone.

Another YouthBuild promo video. Tools: DSLR, 2 iPhones, a tripod, and a LAV microphone.


Another incredible project happened when visiting my dearest friend, Hugette Montesinos, in Miami FL. I got roped in (willingly) to build out a 7-module online course with sub-modules using content pulled from a google doc with a 4-day deadline. The course was already pre-sold for our first launch. Delivery of a kick-ass product was a must. Challenge accepted. Most would cringe, but for me, this is an exhilarating process that required focus, strategy, efficiency, and creativity packed into one punch. (Only drawback was that I discovered a weird habit of pressing my thumb on my index finger when computing aggressively… I eventually had to tape my thumb back as my index finger was starting to ache. Crazy, eh? Don’t judge.) Since the content is a product for purchase, I can not share the modules. Here is a link to the product page to check out the vibe: Instagram Abundance

Since the first launch, I continued to assist Hugette with her digital promo strategy. Our launch strategy included paid ads, a live webinar, and an enlightening sassy email sequence that we built for a list of over 25K subscribers.


Yeahhh… it’s a thing. I’m not a web designer, but I know a thing or two. I’ve primarily worked within existing sites that need facelifts or complete face fixes.¬†Most of the sites that I’ve given CPR to have been massaged within there original templates meaning they sure look a whole lot cleaner and responsive post-CPR, but they do not resemble exactly what I’d envision if my hands got on them FIRST or as a paid mission. If you’re going to build a website- PLEASE consider what you want it to DO for you, what’s your call to action when people go there, establish brand colors and get some QUALITY photos. There is a difference between knowing how to build a website and designing a website with a purpose. I build with purpose. I REALLY wish I got before photos of these sites, but here is a peek into some sites I’ve “lifted.” PS- Somehow I got in¬†on the professional shots of BOTH sites. tehe¬† I guess you could say I’m involved in my community ūüėČ Can you spot me?

Basic blog to a beautiful website. This was a build that happened FAST for before my clients’ big conference where eyeballs were all on her and all up on Google– searching for her awesome online presence. I had been working with Kristy on social media tactics and other areas of her business when she approached me about assisting with her site. The site originally had a design of a blog. I changed the theme and used some great shots from her recent photo shoot. This was a fun facelift project. I also re-made her logo so that she had high-resolution versions.

This is another build that went from assisting on other business matters to jumping right into the site. The site had been hired out and was continuously coming back with revisions that were carelessly put together. Branding was inconsistent, the copy was weak, pages were confusing and images were poorly representing bb designs’ services. This site is an example of where I wish I was building it from scratch as opposed to being in CPR status. More time was spent being the middle woman with advising.¬†It made sense to just take it on.


Everything but the kitchen sink! The gist of this section is to demonstrate the adaptable-ness (this is now a word… end of discussion) within my soul.

Here we’ve got the “The Local Tico” menu! All elements from the copy, design, and the business plan behind it was created here. What do I mean by the business plan behind it? I helped Reymer, The Local Tico, work through the numbers (price point, cost of inventory, consideration of time value, etc.) and the feasibility of providing such services.

Here we’ve got a downloadable Freebie for Disfunkshion magazine (full PDF here). Like the language? I wrote the copy with pizzaz to mirror Disfunkshion’s style and added a drop of “Stacify-ing.” I also co-designed this little goodie with Hugette, the founder of Disfunkshion. She da bomb.


“Speaking is fun” said no one ever… but I must admit, it’s exhilarating and it’s a skill that must be learned and practiced in order to get better. I’ve had my fair share of improv speaking and methodically thought out speaking engagements. Here I am: Improv-ing an introduction of the thINCubator¬†to a group from Leadership Mohawk Valley, delivering a well-rehearsed pitch at a Business Competition and at a Demo Day.


This one time, in college, I started a Club. Club Creaticity. I’ve never been sold on college education, so I started my own club so that students and I could basically get some funding to go experience the real world and make real things happen. My mission was to pull together students from different disciplines and encourage exploration, exposure to new experiences, innovation, and creative thinking.



As a Millennial, it wouldn’t have been right for me to¬†have only¬†had one job at any given moment, so I’ll share another hat that I wore (part-time) while juggling my start-up. I was an advisor or “Project Specialist” for the Mohawk Valley Community College’s Science Technology Entry Program (STEP) for under-represented populations¬†in surrounding middle and high school areas. Phew! That’s a mouth full. I basically got hired to inspire students and carry-on my legacy from Club Creaticity¬†to encourage students to explore, learn through experiences, think outside-the-box, and simply feel awesome about who they are as the next gen.



Assisting and teaching entrepreneurs¬†“enough to be dangerous” is fun. Assisting the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees with starting One World Artisans¬†where everything is translated amongst a minimum of 7 languages is fun AND a challenge worth taking on! This included the build-out of curriculum, onboarding forms, How-To’s for WordPress, handling money and customer service, teaching quality control, the power of social media and product photography. You’ll notice I make a great arm model too… ūüėČ


Movement is important. I love to travel and love to move. When my creativity chokes up, going for a run or even just driving in the car can clear my mind. Traveling every three months is critical. Clean finances is important. I’m a total geek when it comes to saving and finance strategies. Minimalism is important. Although I may not be there yet, I am constantly finding ways to reduce the material items in my life. Focused on quality over quantity. Sustainability is important. Every day I make an effort to mitigate waste and share the importance of doing so through my work. Play is important. We learn to be creative when we play. Playing is healthy and allows us to grow. A handful of things I like to play: capture the flag, Monopoly Deal, Cranium.



Being born between 1981 and 1996 typically defines one as a Millennial. (Ages 23 to 38 in 2019)¬†Generational cutoff points aren’t an exact science. They should be viewed primarily as tools for analytical purposes. – Pew Research Center

Private tech companies led by women achieve 35% higher ROI. – Fundera

Even though a lot of progress has been made on the gender wage gap, there is still work to be done. – Business Insider

Be informed and empower on! ?