Ever get one of these throwback pop-ups on your Facebook news feed?
Can’t believe how fast time goes by… It prompted me to think deep on this glorious Sunday. Here are my deep-in-thought prompts that sprung out of this throwback…

Always question where you are and where you want to be.

Are you heading in the right direction? Are you content or anxious?
Don’t wait to do what you dream about. If it’s a big idea, start doing things that compliment that direction. Be reminded that life is full of micro-choices that can lead you to where you want to go.
If we don’t question where we are, we can lose sight of TIME and the PATH to where we want to go.
Also, have no fear of chasing your big ideas and your wildest dreams. If you can do that, you’re ahead of a million minds trapped in such fear, giving you better odds at achieving it. PS- It’s a fight. We are trained to fear. Don’t give up fighting it.
What does this have to do with this throwback exactly?
Kind of unrelated… Just got the brain juices flowin’
Maybe reflecting on the past?
2 years ago or more, I was deeply invested in bringing an inverted water bottle to market as a way to promote a type of lifestyle (consciousness of self-health, community, and the planet) and spending tons of time at the thINCubator before its known-existence.
Before that, I was certain I was going to open a unique gym/ community fusing sustainable practices, education, and culture. I recall trying to find a college with a program around Fitness Leadership/ Wellness Management that had a minor in Organizing/ Process/ Project management? Couldn’t find such a thing.
Before that, I dreamt of going to small towns across the U.S. on a “tour” of sorts to help instill healthy habits and sustainable practices within the culture. Not alone, but with a handful of experts in holistic health, environmental solutions, etc. (before I learned what generating revenue meant haha)
I’ve drifted paths. I’m also happy where I am, but ultra aware of what’s missing. This is where micro-choices come into play.